Rabbi Michael Danziger

Welcome to our home! We believe that you will find the comfort you seek in our beautiful House of Worship. We are a vibrant congregation strengthened by empowered individuals and families of every description. Our Temple is committed to warm welcomes, mutual responsibility, meaningful relationships, and respect for diversity.

Though we are a congregation with more than 150 years of history, we are equally proud of our innovation in participatory worship, family education, and community service.

The Temple places a high priority on learning, offering classes from childhood through adulthood. Our committees actively seek to build a community within The Temple and to strengthen the community in which we live.

Above our entrance doors, you will find the most sacred words in all of Jewish life. They are taken from the Torah: “You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.” The Temple continues to live by this message, seeking to extend its embrace to Jews from all walks of life, including Jews by choice and interfaith families. Here we gather those whose lives are whole, together with those whose lives are shattered.

Here we are commanded to embrace all who seek a home among us, the strong and the weak, the young and the old. Here, within the walls of this sanctuary, within this sacred space, we are reminded that they have all been created in God’s image and are therefore worthy of both God’s love and ours.

In my vision, the Temple serves as a lighthouse, whose beacon extends across a myriad of seas, guiding members of our people home, offering them a path to a safe shore and safe haven, and illuminating, both for them and for us, the wisdom to be gleaned from generations’ past. To all who seek a home within the Jewish community, we welcome you with open arms.