Board of Trustees

The success of our Temple is entirely do to our dedicated members and staff. The driving force of the Temple is the Board of Trustees.

Our Board of Trustees is a dedicated and diverse group of individuals who represent well the diversity of Ohabai Sholom. It is made up of the officers of the Congregation, 24 elected Trustees, the past presidents, the presidents of the Temple’s auxiliaries, and any member who is a member of the URJ North American Board or the URJ’s Southeast Region.

Many Board Members serve as chairs of the many committees, clubs, and special events that constantly enhance the lives of members of our Temple family.

The Statement of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees adopted a “Covenant of Board Service” that commits its members to our Temple’s mission of nurturing and cultivating a caring, inclusive, educated, and vibrant Reform Jewish congregation. When elected to the Board of Trustees, a Temple member becomes responsible for carrying out the sacred work of managing the life of the Temple community with the highest degree of trust, integrity, and respect.

The Board of Trustees


Judy Lefkovitz*
Alyssa Trachtman*Vice-President/
Ben Russ*

Past Presidents
Jimmy Marks*
Ted Pailet
Harris A. Gilbert
Lisa Small
Alan Mazer
Phil Russ
Irwin Venick
Douglas Small
Gus Kuhn III
Patty Marks
Randy Goldstein
Ray Berk
Ralph Levy
Martin Sir
Joyce Friedman

Term Ending 2023
Jeremy Brook
Robin Cohen
Brad Fishel
Jay Lefkovitz
Jake Nemer
Neal Spielberg
Term Ending 2024
Louise Garfinkel
Victoria Marger
Mike Rosen*
Daniel Schuster
Amy Smith
Jessica Viner
Term Ending 2025
Clare Clarke
Anne Davenport
Amy Katz*
Rose Lundberg
Alan Perlman
Rachel Schulman
Term Ending 2026
Renee Geltzer
Risa Klein Herzog
Raymond Jacobs
Karen Doochin Vingelen
Lauren Wachsman
Matthew Wolf

Presidential Appointees
Julie Yalowitz*
Nancy Shapiro*
Bobby Rosenblum*

Michael Danziger*
Shana Goldstein Mackler
Tracy Fishbein
Michael Shulman
Don Anderson
Moon Bishop
Sheri Rosenberg
Doris Shacklett
Mark Shepard
Erin Zagnoev

*Executive Committee